Last Chance to get Campus Confidential for Free! Plus Giveaways with @FelonyFiction and @AppleBooks

Hello All!

Wherever you are, I hope you’re having the same beautiful transitional weather (spring or fall) that we’re having here. The flowers trees are blooming here in North Carolina, and it’s quite a lovely (if pollen-heavy) sight.

The critters are enjoying the warmer weather, too, and are holding up pretty well, considering the delicate state of their health. Even Zelda, who is going on 16 and has some very serious underlying health problems, has been able to get out and enjoy a bit of fresh air and sunshine. Then she rediscovered her love of laundry baskets yesterday, and spent the entire afternoon snoozing in my laundry.

As well as doting on precious pets, I’ve been working on the audiobook of Spring Break, the companion novella to Honor Court. The plan is to release the audiobook for Honor Court with Spring Break as bonus material. Hopefully it will happen soonish. Why does creating anything take so long? It just does.

Meanwhile, this is your last chance to get Campus Confidential, the first book in the Doctor Rowena Halley series, free. And not only that! This is also your last chance to get Permanent Position, book 2 in the series, for 99c. They’ll both be going back up to full price next week. Universal links to Campus Confidential here and Permanent Position here.

And if you’re thirsting for yet more free and discounted books, there are a few more days in a Felony Fiction book giveaway.

And the First in Series Free event on Apple is also ending next week, so if you’re an Apple reader (or just want to browse through a big selection of awesome mysteries and thrillers), check it out here.

That’s about it for this week! Stay safe, and have a wonderful weekend.

Happy reading!

Sid Stark

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