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Foreign Exchange Cover 2021

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In post-Soviet Russia, crime fights you.

Rowena Halley has spent all her money and her last winter break before her dissertation defense to visit her fiancé Dima in Moscow. But instead of planning the wedding, he’s focused on fighting crime. An opposition journalist, Dima is used to attracting trouble. This time around, though, he may not be the only target. In the Wild, Wild East, crime fights back, and Rowena may be its next victim.

Set against the backdrop of the Euromaidan revolution and the turbulence of the North Caucasus, “Foreign Exchange” tells a story of the clash between love, honor, and international politics. This 20,000-word novelette is a prequel to the Doctor Rowena Halley series, but can be read as a standalone work.

Content warning: adult language.

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