Honor Court is out and Campus Confidential is free on @AppleBooks

Hello All!

It’s certainly feeling springlike here in the Carolinas. I hope you are enjoying similarly lovely weather, wherever you are. My animals are having a great time out basking in the sun, rolling in the dirt, and generally having fun.

Okay, enough chitchat, time for the big news: I’m thrilled to announce that the ebook of Honor Court is now live and available on all retailers! Audiobook and hopefully paperback to come shortly.

And, as a special perk for my list, if you buy it direct from me, you can get 10% with the coupon code TENPERCENT! Link here.

As I’ve mentioned before, Honor Court holds a special place in my heart. All of my books do, of course. Each one has a specific, personal story behind it. With Honor Court, I incorporated a lot of my “day job” research on Chechnya and on PTSD into it. I also spent a lot of time chortling over various absurd campus activities, only some of which were made up. And I had great fun creating a playlist for the characters as I worked on it. You can check out the playlist on Spotify here. Some of the themes of the playlist are obvious, like Rowena’s brother John’s love of Gary Allan’s depressing breakup songs and her friend Mel’s fondness for lesbian pop, particularly Hayley Kiyoko. Others may not be so obvious. The songs associated with Rowena, like “Marching Bands of Manhattan” and “The Lightning Strike,” are full of water motifs, and she is repeatedly linked with water throughout the book, as part of her symbolism as a sacred prostitute and ritual bath.

I could go on and on about the structure and symbolism of the book, but I’ll stop there–for now. In the meantime, I’ll just say a huge thanks to everyone who’s already left a review, and put out a call to anyone who feels inspired to leave a review on the platform of your choice. Reviews are always extremely appreciated! If you’ve never done it before, it’s super easy: a line or two about what you thought of the book is all it takes. Here’s that universal link again.

And that’s not all! Campus Confidentialthe first book in the Doctor Rowena Halley series, is currently free. Not only that, it’s part of a First in Series Free event for mysteries and thrillers on Apple Books! Check out the whole selection here.

Well, that’s about it for this week! Here are those links again:

Universal link to Honor Courthttps://books2read.com/HonorCourt

Payhip link to Honor Court (use TENPERCENT at checkout to get 10% off): https://payhip.com/b/47iA

Universal link to Campus Confidentialhttps://books2read.com/CampusConfidential

Link to Apple Books free book event: http://apple.co/fiasfmysteries

Happy reading, everyone!

Sid Stark

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