Free and discount audiobooks!

Hello All!

How is it May already? How the time does fly, especially when you’re keeping busy!

The good news is that I’m continuing to recover from my COVID vaccine. It left me with some pretty significant joint/muscle pain and all-over fatigue that did get a little better every day after the shot but still has been lingering on for weeks. I thought it was gone, but a recent weather change brought it back a bit. Still much better than actually getting COVID, but not fun. Even so, I hope you’ve all been able to get vaccinated, or will be able to soon. It certainly makes me feel better about going out and about now, inasmuch as I can. I even had a tiny outdoor gathering with other people outside of my household recently, which was a lot of fun.

The even better news is that I’ve been hard at work on my audio projects. I finished the audio for Honor Court, which required some redoing, and recorded and edited the audio for the companion novella Spring Break as well. It’s been uploaded onto Audible but that could take a while–like several months–to go live. So in meantime, Honor Court plus Spring Break are available direct from me for a very low price! Yes, indeed. I keep hearing about selling direct, so I thought I’d dip my toes in it. 

What, you ask, is selling direct and why should I care? Basically, selling direct is when an author sets up their own store front and you buy directly from them instead of via Amazon or Apple or whatever. The benefit for both parties is that the author keeps a much higher percentage of royalties. So I can, for example, sell you the audiobook of Honor Court for $4.99 and make as much or more money as if you bought it from Audible at full price. My storefront is still a work in progress, but I’m slowly rolling it out.

So, with that in mind, there are currently two options for snagging the audiobook of Honor Court (with Spring Break as a bonus!).

  1. Buy it from my Payhip store for $4.99. It will be delivered via Bookfunnel, and you will have the option of listening to it on the free Bookfunnel app or downloading the MP3 files to have for yourself forever. I’ve used the Bookfunnel audio app and it’s pretty decent. They also have good tech support.
  2. Rent it (yes, RENT IT!) for 99c on Soundwise. You can listen to it on the free Soundwise app. I listened to it all the way through on Soundwise and I found the app serviceable, although not as slick as Bookfunnel’s app. Still, you can’t beat the price.

And if that isn’t enough, I’ve also put the audio version of Trigger Warning up on YouTube for free! You can listen to it here. And while it’s free for you, every view and listen helps me out 🙂 

So that’s about it for the moment. The animals and I are enjoying the flowers but fighting the pollen. I’ve even had some lovely roses come out already 🙂

I hope you have lots of flowers wherever you are, as well as lots of delightful literature.

All the best,

Sid Stark

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