“Trigger Warning” is now live! Grab your copy for 99c

Hi All!

It’s here! It’s finally here! Trigger Warning is live on all retailers. For those of you who pre-ordered it, a huge thank you! If you didn’t pre-order it, you can grab it for a limited time at a special release price of just 99c here.

Trigger Warning holds a very special place in my heart. Of course, all my books do, but each in a different way. The plot behind Trigger Warning was my original inspiration for the entire Doctor Rowena Halley series. There was a fatal shooting at the college where I currently teach, as well as several other student fatalities that semester–but the main press was about an anonymous student website dedicated to exposing racial and economic injustice on campus. The college was very concerned that reading this might trigger emotional harm for the students. The situation struck me as ludicrous, and my vague dream of writing a tell-all book about academia crystallized into a plan to write this specific series, with the storyline of freaking out over a website vs. hushing up a shooting as one of the central storylines.

The inspiration behind Trigger Warning was serious, as it always is for all of my books, but there’s also plenty of satire and straight-up slapstick worked into the story, as usual. I had tremendous fun writing the “Harry Potter Sorting” scenes, and was laughing so hard while trying to record the audio version of the Pre-Turkey Trot that I almost had to give up 🙂 So I hope that you, too, find both plenty of food for thought, and plenty of life-affirming laughter in the book.

Oh, and if you’ve already read an advanced copy of it and feel moved to leave a review, there’s absolutely no obligation, but it would be much appreciated! The universal link is here.

If you’re still thirsting for more reading, do check out the Spyglass Sisters contest on BookSweeps!

Along with dozens of books featuring female sleuths, there’s an ereader up for grabs.

Happy reading, everyone!

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